Project Details

Project Details

Updates and Project Plans

Due to COVID-19, the Lake Street construction field office at 971 Lake Street will be closed to the public for the foreseeable future.

Check back here for changes or new bulletins.

Important Notice

Oak Park Avenue will remain closed until early June for advanced streetscape work. Learn more in our construction updates section.

Stay Informed

Work continues on the Lake Street Improvement Project. See construction updates for the latest details.


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Just about everything has changed since we started the Lake Street Improvement Project.

While everyone follows a stay-at-home order, we're changing schedules where it makes sense, to work faster to bring you a Better Lake Street. That’s why it’s important to know about changes to the construction schedule. Follow us on Twitter, or sign up for updates and weekly Friday Five emails about road/intersection closures, detours, curbside pickup, and schedule changes.

Stay informed about a Better Lake Street that might be here a little sooner than scheduled in 2020.

Reconstruct & Restore

The Lake Street Improvement Project includes new concrete and asphalt roadway surfaces and replacing and restoring water and sewer mains nearing the end of their useful service lives. Other features include:

  • Curb repair
  • Enhanced vehicle detection at traffic signals
  • New pavement markings and improvements to sidewalks and street crossings to better accommodate citizens with disabilities


New streetscape is planned for the high-traffic business districts along Lake Street between Harlem and Euclid avenues. Features will include:

  • High-quality street furniture
  • Enhanced street and pedestrian lighting
  • Informational wayfinding signs
  • Decorative sidewalk and crosswalk materials


Project goals are to improve traffic circulation and capacity, enhance pedestrian and bicycle linkage between retail districts, replace aging roadway and utilities, promote private investment and economic development, and strengthen Lake Street’s role as the community’s central tourism and retail corridor.

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Project Targets

As so much has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, construction schedules have been revised to take advantage of opportunities to expedite and/or modify the scope of work in order to minimize its impact to business districts and community residents. Stay informed about project scheduling and current work on our construction updates page.